Not for the Impatient Soul

Hope you all had a very blessed Holy Week and Easter celebration! We’ve been having a lot of rain, but now flowers are growing quickly, trees are budding, and grass is like beautiful green carpet. I love Spring, with the promise of new beginnings.

For those who have been asking…yes, I’m working on completing a new book. I wish I could respond and say it will be released on a particular date, but it doesn’t work that way. Writing is only a part of the process. The next step is getting an editor or agent to say “yes.” After that, is editing, and once completed the book goes to the bottom of a publishing list to wait its turn.

Having a career as a writer is not for the impatient soul.

Also, my first two books (contemporary romantic suspense) are available as e-books and are currently on sale at Amazon. The low price is only for a temporary time-frame, so if you haven’t yet read FOXFIRE or HIT AND RUN, check out my “books” page for more information.

Thanks for stopping in!

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