Deep POV With Villain

Getting the villain right is so important to building suspense. Since I’ve decided to foreshadow by introducing readers to the “bad guy” in the beginning of my current work-in-progress novel, I’ve been working hard to get inside his head and learn his true motivation. When you have a person who is driven to do harm to another, there has to be more than just a triggering event.

A person will strike out because of a specific act, but something else deeply motivates them to act in a specific way. This is something rooted deep inside, which is formed from disappointments, prior hurts, anger, and/or self-esteem. As a writer, it is important to dig deep and find that reason or reasons.

Once discovered, writing in the villain’s deep POV will allow the reader to anticipate the threat to the heroine. This makes for a riveting romantic suspense. To do less is to cheat the reader.

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