Giving Myself a Kick in the Pants

When I worked full-time, I didn’t realize how much work my hubby put into making our garden areas so beautiful. Now that I’m handling all the work, I’m amazed at all he did. My back is killing me after spraying our lawn for weeds, weeding two huge gardens, and putting down fifteen bags of mulch!

I must say I never envisioned retirement being so busy!

I’ve also been busy with writing related stuff. All my previously published books and short stories (of which I’ve received my rights back) are now available on Amazon. Just type in Carol Ann Erhardt in the search box for Kindle to see the covers and read the info. Or, you can also visit my “books” tab on my website.

Yesterday I signed up for the Central Ohio Fiction Writer’s Conference and signed up to pitch. Now, I HAVE to finish two books by the end of September. Maybe that’s why I signed up. It will be a good kick in the rear to motivate me!

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