When Did The Change Occur?

Someone warned me long ago, perhaps my mother, that time has a way of sneaking up. Was I young and invinceable? You, bet. Just as my kids are today.

My mantra has always been “age is a state of mind.” Some people age earlier than others because they allow themselves to grow old. I remember my grandmother at forty-seven telling me she was an old lady and wouldn’t live long. She dressed old. She acted old. She was old.

I’m older than that now, but I don’t dress anything like my grandmother did. I wear bright colors, dangly earrings, capris, athletic shoes. I shave my legs, apply make-up, dare to cut my hair short and sassy. And, I still feel younger than my age. I exercise, keep my brain active by learning new things, reading, writing, and communing with friends and family.

When I look around the world today at all the beautiful women, I realize a change took place sometime between my grandmother’s generation and mine. The change is good. People are no longer bound by a number, but rather by a state of mind. Well, except for the extremists who opt for surgery in search of youth and wind up looking like wooden caricatures.

But there is one caveat. I can still choose to do things I wouldn’t do in my younger “gotta look great” years. If I choose to wear old jeans and a T-shirt to the store, it’s okay. The world won’t come to an end. And if I meet someone I know, chances are they, too, are not dressed to impress. Oh, sure, there are still those in their twenty-somethings who must be painted and dressed for success to purchase a watermelon, but I see less of those people every day.

A change occurred. Not sure when it happened…and, perhaps the change is only within me and the way I view the world and care about how the world views me. It just isn’t as important any longer!

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