Behind the Dust Webs

The past two days, I’ve been in a busy cleaning mode. We’re expecting company for the weekend and I needed to clean all the “corners”. You know how it is, right? Everything looks just fine to your hubby, but you know there’s dust in the corner of the family room, a dust web on the ceiling of the guest bedroom…

Likewise, I’ve had dust webs in my brain lately. I’ve been spinning ideas around, trying to choose a right path and asking God for His direction. Have you been there? Every day you ask, and you wait. You try to be still and listen. But His answer doesn’t come. What you seek is just beyond your comprehension, hiding somewhere behind the dust webs. You open the Bible and find peace in the scriptures, but the answer you seek alludes you.

Today, His answer came in an unexpected way. God does use unlikely people, doesn’t He? The answer came through an email in a group I belong to. The email wasn’t directed to me, but within the writing came God’s message to me. I heard the answer loud and clear.

God does speak to us; He does give direction. We just need to be patient, continue to pray, and believe.

Ever had God speak to you through an avenue you didn’t expect?

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