Where is Your Undo Button?

Have you ever written something in an email and hit the send button only to wish you could magically snatch it back? Once you’ve committed the act, it’s done. There is no “undo” button.

Sometimes in anger we lash out with words and send them through cyber-space. Once there, the words cannot be removed. I’m guilty. There’s an incident in my early years of writing when I lashed out in my ignorance. Later I was embarrassed because I had been wrong. I wished I could undo that nasty email. But, I couldn’t. My computer doesn’t have an “undo” button. I can apologize to those I wrong, but I cannot erase the damage done. Thankfully, God can!

I’m a sinner. I’ve done things in my life I’m ashamed of, things I wish I could undo. I can’t undo them, but God has forgiven me. He knows me inside and out. He hears me cry out in my pain. My path becomes clearer when I’m down on my knees. He sees into my heart. When satan tries to lead me into a twisted maze, God shows me the right path to follow. I trust in Him. God is my “redo” button.

Computers are cold and unforgiving. Isn’t it wonderful that God doesn’t operate that way?


Where is Your Undo Button? — 3 Comments

  1. Well, we can’t “undo” but we can certainly ask for forgiveness. I know this tongue of mine, as well as these fingers, sometimes spew words that I wish I could take back too. Thank God for all the grace and mercy He gives to us – and for friends who understand!

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