Times were Hard Then. Times are Hard Now.

I long for the “good old days” my parents and grandparents used to talk about. They remembered the Great Depression, food rationing, World Wars, hunger, early deaths, terrible crippling diseases, canning and preserving food to feed the family through the long, cold winters…

So why do I long for those days? Because family values were so much higher. Families and communities worked together to help those in need. Sharing and caring were appreciated and gladly given. No matter how bad things were people gathered in church on Sunday and sang praises to the One who provided.

Times were hard then. Times are hard now. But today the mentality of many is “the world owes me something.” What happened to working for what is needed? Helping a neighbor with by splitting your last loaf of bread when he has none? The Lord says we should have no other idols before Him. That means when He blesses you, you shouldn’t idolize the blessing but praise the One who provided the blessing. Our relationship with God should come first in our lives.

Fear is abundant in today’s society. Fear was abundant in the good old days, too. But, people didn’t sit back and cry “foul,” or do nothing but sit in the nest like baby birds awaiting the next feeding. They had faith. They looked to a greater glory to come when this life would be over and there would be no more pain, no more tears, no more suffering, for the old would be made new again. And they survived one day at a time by living on love. Loving family, friends, and God. Being grateful for each scrap of food, each morning sunrise, a gentle hug, a prayer.

Nothing has changed since Adam and Eve first sinned. Not really. But values change. And when values are disregarded, God acts. Do you think he’s trying to get our attention?

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