Two Little Squirrels

Yesterday I watched two little squirrels playing like kittens beneath the sweetgum tree in our front yard. Hubby asked me if they were playing or if they might be…well, a male and female…

But, they were playing. Really. So cute. One would climb up on the tree and the other would grab a leg and bite. I was so entertained I forgot to grab the camcorder.

Lucky the feral cats were not in the front yard. We have a calico cat who likes to sit in the garden right outside my office window. She sits in the coneflowers and watches the butterflies. Sometimes she swats at them. I love watching…well, except when she succeeds in capturing one of the beautiful monarchs.

Sometimes a brave yellow finch will feed off the coneflowers. I’m not quick enough to capture a picture, but I love watching all these wonderful spectacles from my desk. Makes me thankful for such beauty and warms my heart. Yeah, I know, I should be writing…

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