Acute Renal Failure

First Post: I Didn’t Plan to be a Caregiver
When we returned home from the hospital, hubby was so exhausted. He returned to bed and for the first time in days was able to sleep peacefully. I spent the night praying for God’s mercy. I wasn’t ready to be a widow and I prayed God wasn’t ready for that either.

The next morning my hubby had better color. He was tired but he actually felt like eating some soup. Broth and lots of water made up his diet for the day…between much needed naps.

Draining a catheter bag is an experience we learned together and it took teamwork. He slept most of the next day and on Saturday morning we returned to the family doctor to have the catheter removed. Then he gave us the sobering news.

Hubby had been in acute renal failure at the time we reached the hospital. I knew he had been very close to death’s door but I didn’t realize how close. But the doctor told us hubby’s counts were now back in the normal range. A very lucky man is the way he put it. I gave praise to God.

The catheter was removed and we were sent home.

And the cycle started again.

Hubby was unable to urinate except for a few drops. He continued to take the medication, but by evening he was in extreme pain. I rushed him back to the ER. We returned home with a new catheter.

And then the storm gathered and Satan pushed a boulder in our path.

“I didn’t plan to be a caregiver, but God had a different plan for me. I accept it with a happy heart, thankful that my love and I are still together.”


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  1. Hi Carol Ann,
    My heart goes out to you. I too have been on the opposite side as a caregiver more than once. You find an inner strength that makes you move on and keep a cheerful disposition. It may seem that you are being sucked downward, but the person who you are giving care to really appreciates your thoughtfulness and your compassion. They may not say it..but look in their eyes and you’ll see it. That was reward enough for me knowing I brought peace and diginity to them. You’ll be in my prayers.

  2. Carol Ann,
    Please know I’ve added my prayers and thanks to yours. I, too, am embarking on a new adventure with my husband and your blog is a reminder to always be open to God’s path for us!
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Tanya, thanks for stopping by! I appreciate your prayers. I can’t wait to get further in the story of my caregiving so I can let everyone see the joy in my heart.

  3. Praying for you both, Carol Ann. This is a good reminder for me to take better care of the body God has given me. I don’t want David to be qualified in the future to write a blog like this!

    • Hi Janie, Thanks for stopping by! My experience has also made me take a close look and make changes to better my own health.

  4. Carol,
    Your husband is fortunate to have you. Please remember to care for yourself as well. You are both in my prayers.

    • Thanks, Kara! Prayers are always appreciated. You’re right. To be a good caregiver, one must take care of themself as well. Thanks so much for that reminder!

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