Depression, Snow, and New Doctors

On Monday, January 4, we arrived at VA uncertain what to expect. My biggest fear was they would tell us we had been turned down…but instead we were informed our Doctor had changed but we were “in the VA system.” The doctor, a woman, listened to the immediate problem and said hubby needed to see a urologist and also a lung specialist. We would have to wait for those appointments to be scheduled and we’d be notified via phone. In the meantime, she wanted him to continue with the medication for the bladder. She scheduled a chest x-ray and blood work which we completed the next day. Then, it was back home to continue waiting…

Admittedly, I often asked God to grant me patience, and I believe this move to make me a caregiver might have been God’s answer to my prayer. How better to learn patience than to have no other choice? So we waited. In the meantime we continued to try and keep the catheter bag as clean as possible. We cancelled the specialist appointments scheduled through the family doctor. Hubby was very depressed over not being able to do anything. He sat in his recliner, slept a lot, and talked little. He attempted to go to church a couple of times, but he was just too uncomfortable. After that I went alone whie he watched church on television.

Snow kept falling. It was a bitter January. Our son-in-law came and shoveled us out a couple of times. And our new next-door neighbors also helped out. I tried to keep up with shoveling so it didn’t accumulate too much on our walk and driveway. I needed the assurance that I could get the car out of our neighborhood. Previously hubby had taken care of these things. And he did a lot of grocery shopping for small items during the week since I had been working full time. Now I had to take over all the chores he’d done and many, I admit, I took for granted. The time continued to pass slowly.

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