How Then Would We Judge Ourselves?

If I could share how beautiful you are in my eyes and in the eyes of those who love you I would. But words don’t bring comfort when you are judging yourself through what you believe others see.

In today’s world of false idols, temptation calls us to have faith in the wrong things. Sacrifices are made to reach what we believe is a perfect body and a perfect life, while in the eyes of someone else, we might be the perfection they idolize. Television, magazines, radio, and other social media entice us to reach for the elusive dream of perfection. None of us is perfect, yet all were created by One who is perfect. He molded us and marked us and loves us…just the way he created us to be. His love is unfailing.

I John 5:21: “Dear children, keep yourselves from idols.”

My heart is filled with love for you. For your unique self, for your true beauty which shines forth from your caring and giving heart. In the eyes of all who love you, you are beautiful. Feel it in the touch of the hands that hold yours, in the arms that embrace you, in the little ones who look up to you, in the smiles returned. See yourself not in a mirror, but in the joy you bring to others.

I wonder, if we were to be blind, how then would we judge ourselves?

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