And Then the House Alarm Went Off…

Meet Templeton. He is one of three littermates we adopted eight years ago. He thinks he’s human, he talks to us, and he gets into more trouble than a two-year-old.

Templeton loves to go onto our screened-in deck where he can chatter to the birds on the feeder, keep an eye on the feral cats, watch the fish in the pond, and climb the rafters trying to catch the occasional fly or moth that sneaks inside.

Two days ago, Templeton lost his balance while climbing the rafters and hubby found him swinging by his front legs, trying to get back up. Templeton does not have any front claws…but he managed to get back on that rafter all by himself. Templeton can open doors and drawers and one of his favorite passtimes is to bang the magnetic cabinet doors. He pulls the door open and lets go. Wham! He’ll do it over and over again until we holler at him.

Templeton always has the last word. When we reprimand him, he talks back sometimes uses colorful words. I can tell by the look in his eyes and tone of his voice. His punishment is to get squirted with the water bottle. The little stinker will look at me and dare me to squirt him. When I do, that’s when he starts “yelling” at me.

Last night I had just snuggled down into bed with a great book when I heard our alarm system go off. I jumped out of bed and ran down the hallway, nearly colliding with my very frustrated hubby. I flew down the stairs and punched in the numbers to stop the infernal screeching and hopefully to prevent the cops from coming to our door. Luckily I did make in in the alloted seconds to prevent that from happening. So, why did it go off?

Yep, it was all Templeton’s fault. He slipped out onto the deck without hubby’s knowledge. Suddenly, he appeared at the door and hubby, forgetting all about the alarm, opened the door to let the cat in. Templeton? He just scurried into the bedroom and flopped on the floor with an innocent “What happened?” look.

We love our cats. They keep us entertained. They are part of our family, and as empty nesters, our cats take the place of kids. They get into a lot more trouble and get away with a lot more than our kids ever did. Especially Templeton. He holds a special place in our hearts.

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