Some Were Touched Forever

I remember the shock of hearing about the twin towers collapsing on the radio as I drove to the courthouse where I was in a pool of potential jurors. My mind couldn’t grasp that this could really be happening…but when I walked into the juror waiting room the “movie” screen was broadcasting live shots from New York.

Shortly, a judge came in and told us there would be no trials that day, but we were in a lockdown situation and would not be able to leave the building until told. My heart sounded like muted bass drum blasting in my eardrums. The entire room seemed charged with something almost tangible…disbelief…fear.

I stared at the screen watching the events…The Trade Center Towers toppling, the Pentagon smoking, a downed airplane in PA…I stared until I could stand it no longer. I went to the back of the room and stared out at the sunlight, at the police and fire engines circling the courthouse…five stories below. “Dear God,” I prayed, “Keep my family safe. Deliver me back into my husband’s arms.” I prayed for all those who were hurt, for those who died, for the families and loved ones…for our country.

I still cannot understand how anyone can hold such hatred as to target and kill innocent people…let alone supposedly in the name of God.

I remember so well how our country turned to God on that day. I remember how church pews were filled. I remember drivers in cars stopping to let people go ahead of them, the smiles, the waves, the kindness. None of that lasted long. Some were touched forever; some were pulled back into darkness.

My heart is saddened, but my faith never wavers.

I remember September 11, 2001. I will always remember. I see God holding out His arms and crying for His people. I see God crying out, “Why do you turn away?” I see God trying to get our attention, and I see so many turning their backs. And I cry.
And I pray…

Where were you?

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