A Fall Vacation as a Caregiver

Hubby and I are planning our first vacation since his COPD progressed to him wearing oxygen 24 hours a day. We are traveling to visit with his sister and it is only a six and a half hour drive…which will take a good eight hours. With God’s blessings and mercies, we will have a wonderful trip!

We will have to stop often for breaks and to allow him to do his treatments and take meds. We’ll be packing a lot more items than we would have several years ago. The VA has approved him to borrow a portable oxygen machine which will plug into the car so he doesn’t have to worry about changing tanks. This machine will plug into the wall in his sister’s house and work like his large machine does at our home. We’ll also be taking along tanks of oxygen for other short jaunts if he decides not to use the portable unit to go to restaurants etc.

Hubby’s birthday was Monday so this trip is a belated birthday present to him. Traveling to Michigan in the early fall is perfect weather for his condition. Not too hot, not too cold, and we are expecting sunny days. I’m going to take my iPad along and will be posting updates when I can find free wifi. It should be a beautiful drive with views of changing leaves. I love to drive on long trips, and have missed doing this! And best of all, we will be spending time with his family members, some we haven’t seen in several years. Lots of love, laughter, and heart-warmng memories will be shared and made. God is so good!

I didn’t plan to be a caregiver. God planned it for me, and I’m blessed every single day to still be holding hands with my beloved hubby.

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