Time to Clean Out the Winter Shelter…

When I went out to feed the feral cats this morning, Mittens, a beautiful blue-eyed cat, emerged from the winter shelter. The thermometer said it was 49 degrees, but with the wind and rain, it felt much colder. Then it hit me. Yikes! It’s nearly Halloween, the end of October and winter is right around the corner.

Time to clean out that winter shelter and ready it for a warm haven for these outdoor animals to survive through the upcoming long and COLD months. Each year I go to a discount department store to purchase a queen size comforter. There is no way to clean the previous year’s bedding. With so many cats, and all the dirt that gets tracked inside, the hair, etc. a washing machine would grumble, growl, spit out hairballs and die. LOL!

On the floor of the shelter, I have rag rugs, then a layer of old sheets, and I add the comforter on top. The sheets are always replaced as well, but the rugs stay clean at the bottom. I always feel sorry for these poor animals when they leave a beaten trail across the yard to the food dish. I wish they would stay in the shelter during the cold days, but I do understand they need to roam and try to soak up some of the warmth on days when the sun shines.

Food is getting more expensive. We tried to feed them a discount brand, but noticed them getting very thin, so I’m back to feeding them with Meow Mix, a blend they seem to thrive on. The cats are growing their winter thick coats now. Many of them are tamed to the touch and they seem to look at me asking to be petted and loved…and fed. I wish I could do more for them, but they would not tolerate being cooped up in a house.

We are a family who love animals of all kinds. So, taking care of these abandoned cats is a mission we accept with joy in our hearts. We can’t bear to see them suffer.

Time to make a shopping trip to purchase a new comforter. Thank God for allowing us to be able to do this.

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