Crocheted Prayer Shawls and Afghans

I’ve been crocheting triangular prayer shawls for our church ministry the past two years. This year we decided to organize into a group and teach others who would like to learn how to crochet prayer shawls. The goal with our group is to keep touch on who is working on shawls and when expected dates of completion will be so that we can have a constant supply to people who are ill, hospitalized, new mothers, grieving, facing surgery, etc. I wanted to crochet a prayer shawl that beginners might want to try. This is the shawl I just completed. It’s in a nice repeating pattern which doesn’t change from row to row. The shawl is about 20″ by 60 inches. The pattern was purchased from and is listed as an easy skill level. I love the way it worked up in Vanna’s Choice Pink.

This year I also began crocheting afghans for my grandkids. I had hoped to finish one each by this Christmas, but that didn’t happen. Summer and crocheting afghans just doesn’t seem to mix with me. I’m so busy working outside during the daytime and even with air conditioning, heavy afghans make me HOT. I did finish three of them. This picture is one made with Vanna’s Choice Cranberry.


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  1. Hi Carol Ann,
    Your afghans are beautiful! It’s funny because I read an article in the Cincinnati newspaper about prayer shawls several months ago. I decided to have my character in my romance to knit prayer shawls. I like the crochet ones too. That’s wonderful you take the time to make the prayer shawls.

  2. Hi Diane! So nice to see you here. I’ve knitted one prayer shawl last year on circular needles. I like both crochet and knit, but crochet is easier for me to do while I’m watching television…and it’s kinder to my hands when my arthritis flares. How cool that your character knit prayer shawls. A secondary character in my new release, TRAPPED, crochets prayer shawls. Maybe they should meet…Thanks again for stopping by.

  3. Carol Ann,
    Thanks for your pictures. They are beautiful quilts. I’m interested in crocheting the pattern in your bottom picture here. Is there a name for the stitches that I can look up to learn how to do it? I’ve just been watching tutorials on youtube so far.

  4. The stitches are all double and triple crochet. There is a front post and back post stitch to make the raised ridges surrounding the shell stitches. The pattern is in a Leisure Arts book called Birthstone Afghans and was written by Carole Prior. There are some lovely afghan patterns in the book and I highly recommend you purchase it. I love the edging around the outside of this pattern. Good luck and thanks for stopping in, Melody!
    Carol Ann

  5. Hello. I am new to crocheting. I have made 2 prayer shawls so far. I am in LOVE with the pattern of your first picture in pink. May I ask the name of the pattern. I see you purchased it at annies attic. Was it a download or in a book? Your shawl and afghan are beautiful!

  6. Hi Trisha,
    The pattern is called Sunshine Shawl and it is in a book from Annie’s Attic called Chemo Caps and Wraps. I’ve seen this book in craft stores like Michael’s, too. It is super easy to make and so nice! I ordered the online book from Annie’s Attic, so it is a pdf download and I can just print whichever pages I want to work on. Thanks for liking my shawls! I’ll be posting more soon.
    Carol Ann

  7. I really enjoying reading this article. It looks like you spend a lot of effort and time on your blog. Thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work!

  8. Shirley, it was a downloaded book, not an actual print book. The pattern is the Sunshine Shawl design by Beck Stevens. The only thing I did differently than the pattern is that I crocheted in the back loops to make the pattern a little more dimensional, rather than crocheting in both loops. The pattern was on page 55 of the book. Hope this helps. If not, can you email me through the “contact me” form and I’ll try to help you. 🙂

  9. I am TOTALLY in love with that pink shawl for my church’s prayer shawl ministry. I tried to find on the Annie website and when I pulled up Sunshine Shawl it looked totally different – multi-colored and open weave….. PLEASE help. I want to make this one!!

  10. I FOUND IT!!! Downloaded, printed and all ready to buy yarn! LOVE your changes with the back stitch loops. REALLY enhanced the pattern.

  11. Your crochet pattern posted 11/7/11, by Carol.-Prayer Shawl which is crochet.
    It stated Vanna’s choice Pink. Where can I get that particular pattern by
    Carol Ann Erhardt. Please reply.

  12. Would appreciate the pattern p. 57 in Chemo Caps @ Wraps. Please advise me how I
    can get that pattern please. I looked in Michael’s store and was advised the book is $17.
    All I want is the one pattern for the shawl as on a fixed income for the entire book which
    patterns other than the particular one needed. Please help. Thank you.

    • I so understand how difficult it is to have a limited income. I wish I could just give you the pattern, but because of copyright issues, I can’t. Please visit this site She has FREE patterns you can make. There is a beautiful pink prayer shawl there and I plan to make that one soon. Sending hugs and love to you, Delois. ~~Blessings, Carol Ann

  13. I have purchased the Sunshine pattern . The size 20W – is it large enough to cover ones arms comfortably or best to chain more to start with multiple design -how many chains?Would the shawl written by Belinder Carter, shown on your hobby horse, be warmer than the sunshine shawl? Thank you for your reply.

  14. The Sunshine Shawl has a multiple of 14 plus 12, so if you want to make it wider (which I would suggest) you would add in increments in 14 stitches. I believe either this or the the other one would be equally warm. You can also use a heavier yarn and a bigger hook to make it heavier. Hope this helps, Dee!

  15. I have just started working on the Sunshine Shawl. On the first line I CH 2, then it says to sk same st as beg ch-2,then sk next st, Would that mean I will sk 2 sts (the CH-2 st plus the next st also? I am confused – please help me. I also would like to pick up the back loop but where do I pick them up – instead of crocheting in both loops.
    Thanks again – Dee

    • Hi Dee, Yes, you are correct. You skip the ch 2 and the next stitch. If you want to crochet in the back loop only, look at the actual loop. It will look like a teardrop. Put your hook in the center of the loop and under the back of the loop to crochet your next stitch. So you would be going under just the one side of the stitch. Hope this makes is clearer. Here is a link that might help. You can google “crochet back loop only” to find other pages and videos.

  16. In working on the Sunshine Prayer Shawl, I would appreciate a short video for a pattern so as to practice a correct line #2 before continuing to line #3. Thank you.

    • Oh, yikes. I’m not a video kind of person, but if the crochet in the back loops is giving you a problem, then consider following the pattern and crocheting in both loops. The shawl is beautiful however you choose to work it. As for the skip the stitches in the beginning of row 2, hold your work in front of you. The stitch at the very end is where the chain 2 resides. The very next loop is the next stitch you skip. Begin your double crochet in the very next stitch. Here is a link to help. Look at figure 5. It shows how to skip the same stitch as the chain you just made. However, in the Sunshine pattern you would not go in the one that shows “right” but in the NEXT stitch.

  17. re: Sunshine Shawl in Chemo Caps & Wraps. In row #2 I crochet 9 doubles and then
    4 sun burst. Shouldn’t the doubles end up with 9 and 4 sun burst in row #2 and after
    that row also? At the end of the row (according to the pattern ) it does not come out like that. I took the pattern to a lady in our yarn shop and she too, could not get the pattern to come out even. Please explain where we do wrong so I can continue to make the shawl to my friends. Thank you. Dee

    • I’m totally confused about where your problem lies. You are doing three double crochets in each of the three stitches following the skipped stitches at the beginning. The you do three dc in the next stitch. Then you do three more dc in the next three stitches. You skip three stitches and do what you are calling sunbursts which is dc, ch1 (four times) and dc, all in the next stitch. You skip three more stitches and continue. The pattern turns out perfectly for me. You have 67 stitches to work in. Are you doing 9 dc in 9 separate stitches? That could be your problem because you are doing a dc in three separate stitches, 3 dc in one stitch, and dc in three more separate stitches. Hope this helps, Dee!

  18. Hi Carol. Try pulling a tv tray up to the front of your chair when you crochet. Let the tv tray hold the bulk (and the heat) of your afghan. It makes it easier to set your work aside when you rise from your chair, too. I make afghans and blankets year round this way. Nancy

  19. Hi Mary Jo,
    This pattern was purchased from Annie’s Attic. It is in a book called Chemo Caps and Wraps. I downloaded it as a digital book. Not sure if it is still available. You can check by going to https//

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