Welcome to my cyber book launch party! Find a spot and make yourself comfortable. There’s a table with refreshments if you want something to eat. I’ll be giving away six free ebooks during the party, one each hour which will be chosen from the people who leave a comment.

Haven’t the decorators done a great job? I love the beautiful flower baskets.

The food? There’s plenty. Please help yourself!

A plate filled with Summer Grant’s special deviled eggs. Requested specifically by Jake Taylor. (The hero and heroine in Trapped)

A plate filled with mouth-watering fudge made by Brenda Davis. Requested by Dave Kingsdale. (The hero and heroine in Lighting the Tree)

The rest was supplied by me: ham, roast beef, turkey, and chicken salad sandwiches; chips; tex-mex; veggie tray; crackers and swiss cheese almond cheese ball; meatballs in bbq sauce; bowl of fresh fruit; and cake!!

Please help yourself. I do have a table in the corner with a bowl of punch; iced tea; bottled water; coffee; hot tea; and some non-alcoholic bubbly for toasting throughout the party.

Now for the good stuff: In order to win a prize, all you have to do is leave a comment! Really, that’s all. Introduce yourself and pick a topic listed below and share your thoughts.


Forgiveness – Do you believe it is humanly possible to forgive someone who has wronged you? What do you believe forgiving someone means?

Trust – Do you find it hard or easy to trust others? Why? How does trust evolve in relationships?

Christmas – What is your favorite Christmas tradition? What is something humorous you remember happening on Christmas?

Just choose one of the above topics and leave me a comment. Your name will be entered into my candy bowl. A name will be drawn during every hour of the book launch. I’m giving away three copies of my new release, TRAPPED, and three copies of my holiday short story, LIGHTING THE TREE. All copies will be in pdf format or formatted for the Kindle.


PARTY TIME! — 19 Comments

  1. Family is my best memory. My parent’s house was where all the family, Mom’s side and Dad’s, came to celebrate the holidays. Mom and Dad were the anchor to our clan. The “party” stared at Thanksgiving and lasted to New Years. Tables laded with main courses, plenty of sides, and tons of desserts, older cousins to play with, favorite pastime listening to aunts, uncles, and family friends sitting around the table telling stories. Tall and small. Today we’re all scattered to the wind by occupation and location, many have passed into the light, but the memories live on.

  2. Hi Paulette! So nice of you to come to my party and share. Hope you are enjoying the refreshments. Do watch out for the cat. He tends to get underfoot. Wow, I would have loved to be part of your family’s holiday celebration! From Thanksgiving to New Year! Woo!! Family is such a blessing. I, too, have such fond memories of family get togethers and playing with my cousins while the grown-ups talked and laughed…and the food…endless!! Thanks so much for sharing and for your comment about my books. Cyber hugs!!!

  3. Best of luck with “TRAPPED” Carol Ann. You’ve written a great inspirational book with suspense, morals, love, and family.


  4. Well, hi there Pat!! So nice you decided to join the party. (Pssst…check out the table. There’s a plate of fudge.) Thanks for the kind words about my book. I so appreciate your feedback. And, please don’t leave until you have some food. Cyber hugs!!

  5. No time for food, going to Golden Corral in a few minutes for my free Veteran’s Day meal! I think food is the best part of CHristmas, other than the birth of Jesus, of course. When I lived with my grandma she always made a batch of date-nut pudding and divinity fudge, the white stuff made with egg whites and colored it pink and green and white. My AUnt Susie alway brought a batch of her chocolate fudge, for which I got the recipe, and have never made it the way she did. THe last best part was the Brach’s candies my grandma bought: the multi-colored ribbon, the raspberries filled with a soft center, the hard cut rock mix with different scenes inside each, the lemon had a lemon inside the blue had a flag inside etc, and the black walnut puffs, ALL FABULOUS!!

  6. Enjoy your free meal, Sandy! Ron had one on Friday at Applebee’s. Didn’t know Golden Corral was doing something today. Oh, I remember so well the divinity fudge and those hard christmas candies! Yum!! Hard to find the ones with the soft centers today. My mouth is watering!! Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Congrats on the release of your book! You have so many creative talents.
    Many fond memories of Christmas, but my family has never been much for traditions. So, I have to say one of my favorite traditions I observe is with my Brice Church Family. I love to participate in the Bears in the Pews during the month of Dec. I love to see the pews fill Sun. after Sun. with more bears meant to bring comfort to a child in need.

    Again, congrats on your newest book!

  8. Hi Annette! I’m so happy you stopped by and thanks for the congrats. I, too, love the Bears in the Pews. They will start appearing in a week or so again. I bet Nathan loves to see them, too. I’ve missed seeing you in church the past couple of weeks. We’ve been doing the late service so maybe that’s why. Looking forward to seeing you hopefully at the Thanksgiving feast next Sunday.

  9. Hi Carol Ann! Thanks for inviting me to your party! My topic is trust. I love to write about trust issues because it can be earned!
    Your book cover looks great! Congratulations on your launch and best wishes!


  10. Thanks for stopping by, Karin. I agree. Trust can be earned. It’s a good subject to write about because it can so easily be lost as well as gained. I appreciate the congrats!

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