Settling in for a Long, Cold Winter

I love the changing seasons and have never had a desire to move to Florida or Arizona to avoid the winter months in central Ohio. Yes, even winter is a joy to me, despite the days when the snow piles up, the skies are dark, and the air is bitter cold.

Each season holds something special and beautiful. I really love watching the snow fall. It’s so beautiful. Dark skies always clear to those glorious winter days when the sun sparkles on the snow from a clear blue background. Winter doesn’t require a lot of outside yard work, except for the days when I go outside armed with my leaf blower to clean the car and walks! So much easier than shoveling and I just can’t manage the snow blower with the electric cord.

One of my special winter treats is curling up with a great book and a cup of tea. Another is crocheting prayer shawls and afghans while watching a tissue required movie.

I’m ready for winter. My desk is cleared, reading pile is ready, yarn bag is filled.

What are your favorite things to do during the winter months?

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