The Beauty of Change

It’s another cold and windy November day with a beautiful blue sky. And one huge mound of cotton above my neighbor’s house. Never have I seen a more gorgeous cloud. Looks like something I’d like to jump into and roll around in.

Earlier a young man knocked on our door with a rake in his hand. Um, no thanks. The wind is whipping so fast, I don’t see how he could have managed to rake up the leaves and deposit them in a bag…plus they are falling rapidly from the tree as the branches struggle and fight against the gusty air currents.

I am always inspired and filled with joy when I see such a vivid blue sky. Songs may declare the beauty, but nothing beats looking at the real thing. I suppose this is why I love autumn. And, yes, I’m anticipating with a sense of joy seeing the first snowflakes.

I believe God gives us the changing seasons to keep us from being bored and complacent…and as a reminder that we, too, go through changing seasons of our lives.

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