Mine! All Mine! NOT!!!

Children begin early with identifying objects as belonging to them. This continues throughout life as possessions are gathered. In our homes we are surrounded by our (in the late George Carlin’s words) “stuff.”

Quite a few years ago our home was broken into and the thief stole only jewelry…my husband’s jewelry, although none of it was particularly expensive. Yet, we felt violated. Someone had stolen my husband’s “stuff”. Two years ago another thief slipped into our home while we were sleeping and stole our flat screen television from the family room. This time I was down on my knees thanking God for protecting our family. My mother, 84 years old, lived with us and didn’t sleep well. I shudder to think about the consequences if she had walked out and encountered this person. God protected us.

And the possessions stolen? None belonged to us. Not really. All the possessions we have are given to us by God. We are caretakers of everything He loans us…our home, clothes, family, and yes, even our money. He blesses us so that we can bless others. And we needn’t fear, for He will always provide what we need if we are good caretakers of the gifts He provides.

During this Christmas season, we will be bombarded with media attempts to entice us to use God’s money for our personal pleasures. Before I indulge, I’ll be asking if this is what God wants me to do with His money. What about you?

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