Cold Weather Bed Cats

There is absolutely no comfortable way for me to stretch out my legs in the bed most nights now that the weather has turned cold. Both Templeton and Wilbur like to lay at the bottom of the mattress, side by side, in the area where my feet should go. Wilbur lays just like this and Templeton curls in a ball beside him. It’s just fine as long as I’m side sleeping with my legs bent and don’t want to change positions.

Our mattress is made of latex foam and has a neat quilted pillow top which reflects heat in the winter making for a warm and toasty night. Sometimes I luck out with a cat on each side of my legs. Nice and warm, but hard to change position…and get out of bed? Very difficult. I have to do a snake wiggling action to move my legs up enough that I can contort my body out of the covers. After a potty break and a drink of water, it’s another circus feat to get back into bed in a semi-comfortable position. The cats? Are you kidding? They never move an inch except to look at me with a “would you please settle down” expression and an occasional “prrt” which is a four-letter word in cat language.

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