A Thanksgiving Miracle — and a Free e-book

If, you, like me, are recovering from a delicious Thanksgiving meal, I wish you a day of full recovery. Even though it was just hubby and me this year, I still fixed all the things I would for a huge family gathering…just in smaller quantities. I have leftover turkey for my well-loved cold sandwiches. Yummy!

Today I reflected back on Thanksgiving Day a year ago. My grandson had called on Wednesday afternoon to let me know that he was coming home on Thanksgiving Day. We’d been secretly planning his return from the service, but the actual date hadn’t been clarified. We thought it would probably be Friday or Saturday, though his mother thought it would be the following week. He didn’t want her to know he’d be home early, because he wanted to surprise. So we planned and plotted our surprise. He worked hard with his commanding officers for an early release, and sure enough, they out-processed him and he was able to get a flight from California to arrive around 6:30pm on Thanksgiving Day. Seeing him walk through that gate at the airport filled my heart to overflowing. God is so good!

I called my daughter and told her that hubby and I would be coming by to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving and bring the dessert. It was raining, non-stop raining, and I know she couldn’t understand why we had waited until evening to make an appearance.

We pulled into the driveway and she stepped outside to greet us. I asked her to get the dessert from the back seat. When she opened the door, my grandson popped up from where he’d been hiding and said “Hi, Mom!”

What a Hallmark moment!

Some people say they don’t believe in miracles. I do. This was truly a miracle orchestrated by God.
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A Thanksgiving Miracle — and a Free e-book — 2 Comments

  1. I have reflected on this a lot the past few days! What a blessing, and definitely a Thanksgiving our family will never forget!! I do believe in miracles! Sadly, in today’s fast paced society, I think too many go unnoticed…

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