The Christmas Gift Surprise

One year while on vacation with my youngest daughter, we were taking a historical car tour through Cades Cove, Tennessee. We passed several fields filled with cows and my daughter kept leaning out the window and mooing at them, trying to get their attention. When it’s hot outside and cows are lying in the shade chewing they will not respond to teen taunting. But she kept trying. That is how she became a target for “cow” gifts at Christmas and on other occasions.

One of my friends had found a “cow” that mooed when light activated. I wrapped it and placed it under the tree on Christmas Eve. That night I was awakened by a strange sound. The cow started “mooing.” I tiptoed around the darkened room and stared at that package, but it didn’t make any sound while I watched. Creepy. I waited and wondered if the cow would suddenly jump out of the wrapping paper and attack me. But no more sounds. Finally, I went back to bed thinking it was just a fluke. Perhaps a cloud had moved across the moon and departed which activated the light mechanism. Yeah, right. Through the package?

Daughter laughed when she opened the package. Another cow to add to her collection. Then, it happened. During the night the cow began mooing again. Freaked daughter out! I don’t blame her. That cow seemed to be possessed. It would sound off when least expected even when buried and hidden away. We never really knew what possessed that cow, but it didn’t stay in daughter’s collection very long.

I still shudder when I think about that cow. I wonder if daughter has nightmares about it still? I’ll have to ask her.

Have you ever had a present that seemed to take on a life of its own?

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