"My Kindle, Our Kindle, His Kindle!"

Winter is a bad time for hubby because of his COPD. The cold, biting temps make it difficult for him to breathe, so most of his time is spent indoors. He doesn’t have any hobbies to keep him occupied as his greatest joy is working outdoors in the gardens or building things. With the onset of his COPD, he had to give up most of his strenous activities. So as winter approached this year, I worried about him going into depression and nothing I’ve come up with seems to be appealing entertainment for him.

When I published my latest book TRAPPED, I uploaded it to my Kindle and asked him if he’d like to read it. He was a little nervous to use my Kindle since he is not comfortable around any “techy” gadgets, but he decided to try it. Big mistake! He loved reading on the Kindle and when he finished, he wanted to read more. He began calling the Kindle “Our Kindle” as he re-read some of my other books he had read before. Then he wanted MORE to read. I wanted my Kindle back!

Though we don’t exchange gifts at Christmas because when we need something we buy it throughout the year. But I really wanted to have my Kindle back, so I stopped at my local office supply store and bought him a $79 Kindle and a nice cover. Since he isn’t one to shop for his own books, I set up the new Kindle and downloaded some of the Christian romance books from my Archives to his new Kindle and walked upstairs to surprise him.

“Merry Christmas!” I declared and handed him the gift. Seeing his happy expression was worth every penny I spent. Now he is happily passing the long days with reading on “his” Kindle.

Yesterday, I was lying on the sofa reading and resting from having my breast biopsy procedure. It was so quiet in the house. Finally I went into the kitchen and there was my hubby, engrossed in reading. His Kindle was a dual gift. Not only did I get my Kindle back, but now we both can escape into a book while the outside weather rages around us.

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