In the Arms of Jesus

Today I learned that my biopsy was benign. God is so good and I praise Him for answering my prayers and those of all my family and friends who lifted me up.

Tonight my hubby and I were talking about how relieved we were to learn the news. I told him how I had truly felt God holding me in his arms and on his lap during the times when I felt overwhelmed while I went through the procedures and waited for the results. I cannot explain the feeling of comfort I received when I prayed for Him to hold me when I felt afraid. He responded immediately and I could feel His loving arms, His loving presence.

The first time I felt so close to God was when my hubby was extremely ill and I worried that he wasn’t going to pull through. God came and held me during that desperate time and He showed His love and mercy and led us through that dark time.

There is nothing more wonderful than having a close personal relationship with our Father God. My heart is filled with love.

When was the first time you experienced His presence holding you close when you needed Him most?

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