Cleaning Out the Garbage…For God

When I was growing up my mother had a “spring cleaning” ritual which included washing the windows, putting up fresh curtains, cleaning out the cabinets, closets…

My cleaning spurts don’t have much to do with the seasons, but more with my energy level and reaching the point where I must clean out the garbage or go insane! There’s something so freeing about straightening, rearranging, and tossing out clutter. After my cleaning frenzies, I like to sit, put my feet up and ENJOY the feeling of all things being fresh and beautiful.

You can relate, right?

So what about cleaning out the garbage for God? We all carry around baggage…things we regret, words we wish we hadn’t spoken, hurts inflicted on us, and hurts we inflict on others…so much garbage cluttering up our lives. Did you know you can do a “spring cleaning” any time with God? All you need to do is ask for His forgiveness, lay your head in His lap and rest peacefully. God is waiting for you to dump the clutter and allow Him to come into the newly emptied space in your heart. All this was made possible by the great sacrifice on the cross.

As the New Year approaches, many will make resolutions which will be broken. Instead of “resolving” to do better, I’m going to trust in God and His plan for me. I’ll make time to be still and listen, and when He tells me to move…I’ll move. How about you? All it takes is opening your heart, praying, and having faith.

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