Diversity, Friendship and Love

Today I wanted to write about something that’s been in my heart and asking to be put into words. I want to talk about my diverse group of dear friends.

Through the years I’ve encountered many mean hearts and judgmental minds. I am a Christian, but that doesn’t dictate that my friends need to be. I have friends who are atheists and friends who are Jewish and friends who believe in something besides the God who saved me. I have friends who are gay, friends who are single, friends who are married, friends who are divorced, widows, widowers, veterans, protestors, young, old, rich and poor. And I love them all.

It is not for me to judge their beliefs or their lifestyle. In my faith, I know that God is the One who will judge us all when the time comes. My life is lived with an open heart to love everyone.

I celebrate my friends’ successes, cry with them when they are hurt, and try to offer unconditional support and love. So many people have touched my life and each have helped to make me the woman I am today.

What I’d like to ask is that when you see someone who is “different,” please don’t judge them. Look for the goodness within them and embrace it. After all, someone else might be judging you, too. For me, I’d like them to see me as an honest, open, loving woman who is filled with the joy of life and embracing everyone I meet without judgment.

How about you?

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