Exercise Therapy for COPD

Hubby began a new six week program at VA geared to help COPD patients through exercise. He meets with several other patients in a room with a therapist where they do warm up exercises, weights, resistance bands, and then exercise equipment before cool down stretches. During the two hour session, blood pressure and pulse is monitored. Equipment consists of a treadmill, a rowing machine, a recumbent bike, and a hand pedal exerciser. Hubby is now up to 24 minutes of aerobic exercise. He goes twice a week.

The program is really good and hopefully will help him to be more active. The trick is going to be to keep him exercising at home when the program is finished. He did a metabolic measurement test prior to the program and they will test it again at the end of the program.

Exercise is very important for patients with COPD. The tendency many COPD sufferers have is to become sedentary. Muscles deteriorate and also heart and lungs because they are not getting any aerobic exercise. I’m very excited about the program and so thankful it is being offered.

It is so good to see him being active and feeling like he can do things again. Sure beats seeing him sitting in a recliner and watching television all day long!

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