Discipline. Dream. Dare. Believe.

Dear Me,
You have to believe and you have to have faith! Don’t let self-doubt keep you from achieving. Remember when Jesus was led into the desert to be tempted by the devil? Through faith, He successfully turned the evil one away despite his weakened condition from fasting for forty days and forty nights.

You have accepted a mission to share God’s love through writing. Discipline will help you achieve your writing goals. Dare to reach for your dream! Order the devil to leave as you have room only for God in your heart.

Let the Holy Spirit guide you. Believe. Have faith.

Remember that you can do all things through Christ. You are a beloved child of the King.



Discipline. Dream. Dare. Believe. — 2 Comments

  1. This is great inspiration. I recently discovered that if in addition to relying upon the Holy Spirit, I also set a schedule to write my fiction at the same time every weekday. It becomes a habit and I don’t even have to think about doing it. I write immediately after lunch each day. And I write for about 45 minutes. Yesterday my protagonist finally met the romantic interest in the story and it was really exciting for me to have finally reached that part of the my book.

    • I agree! Making writing a part of your daily routine is so important. Thanks for stopping by!

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