Ask, Wait, Listen…God Will Answer

Have you ever suddenly been stopped in your tracks when embarking on a path you felt God blessed you to walk upon? I have.

Suddenly everything became murky, cloudy, and I wandered in the dark floundering to find my way. Questions flooded my mind keeping me from sleep, keeping me from moving. Where do you want me to go, God? Why have I been stopped? Is it satan tossing boulders in my path, causing procrastination? Is it my own fear of failure? Is it You? Are you speaking to me?

Prayer, meditation, asking God for answers…

Then He speaks. Or is it my own thoughts? Or perhaps Satan enticing me upon another path…a path doomed to failure?

A few steps forward into the murkiness, but the way is still not clear. Satan, get away from me! Lord, show me the way. Guide me, lead me into the green pastures beside the still waters. I’m standing quietly, praying, waiting, and listening. Speak to me.

So much chatter in my head. Noise clamoring for attention. Which voice do I listen to?

I open my Bible, spend time reading the stories of Daniel, David, Moses. Immersed in His Word, I find peace and comfort…and hope. Hope that requires action. Move, says my Lord God, Creator of the Universe, Ha-Shem. I have given you the answer. Continue to follow Me, do good, and honor Me in all you do. You will see the path I have created for You. Walk upon it. Do not be afraid! Trust me! For I love you more than you can understand. I will not lead you astray, nor will I abandon you. I Am the Great I Am and you are my beloved daughter.

But, Lord, what will people say? What will they think?

Be still! Know that I am God! Do not get caught up in worshipping false idols.

Humbled, I wait, quietly allowing the love and peace to wash over me. And I step onto the path, my eyes focused on Christ.

Thank you, Lord, for listening and for answering the prayers in my heart. Bless all who read this, Father God. When Satan clouds our vision, reach Your hands to us, removing the blindness to let in The Light. In Jesus’ precious Name, humbly I pray. Amen.

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