Comfort and Joy in God's Answered Prayer!!

So after I had my emotional meltdown and asked God to help me and lift me up, He answered right away! How can I not share this with all of you?

After posting my emotional meltdown blog and prayer, I made a cup of tea, fixed two pieces of cinnamon toast, hugged my hubby and told him I would be downstairs doing my Bible Study lesson. Before that, I opened my “God’s Great Blessings Devotional” written Patricia Raybon and published by Tyndale. The title of the devotion is “Praise: That Shakes Things Up.”

I read the scripture Acts 16:23-26 which tells the story of Paul and Silas who were beaten and imprisoned after removing an evil spirit from a slave girl. While they remained chained in the deep inner cell of prison, they prayed and sang hymns to praise God. Suddenly, an earthquake shook the prison and all the prisoner chains came loose and the doors opened!

I was reminded that the time to praise God is while we are in the midst of trouble, not just when we are walking on smooth ground and all is good! I feel washed in God’s spirit, joyful, hopeful, and smiling.

Thank you, God, for Your answered prayer, for removing the heavy burden and giving me the armor of Your unfailing love with which to approach all things. Nothing is too big for You! No mountain can withstand Your mighty power! I am blessed! I am humbled. I am Yours. Amen.


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