Saga of The Pear Tree – Left or Right Brained Thinking?

Hubby decided he needed to have our Cleveland Select pear tree topped. It’s spring and the tree is filled with lovely blooms and just getting it’s gorbeous green leaves. Now the poor thing has about 15 feet of growth chopped off the top and it looks slightly like a person with long hair getting a buzz cut. I hope the tree survives.

I looked up info on the internet and found that these trees rarely need pruning and if they are pruned it should be in the winter, not in spring when they are in growth cycle. Also learned that the tree should only be pruned of branches that are not at 60 degree angles and should be cut at an angle. Hmm. Poor little pear tree.

Hubby and the Wishing Well He Built

My hubby never reads directions. He can build anything from scratch by designing it in his head, then making a drawing. If he finds a flaw, he ad libs to fix the error. I have to admit that his creations are beautiful. However, he makes detailed lists when he goes shopping, requires knowing well in advance what our plans are for each day. And, oh my, if I stray from the task it’s upsetting to him.

I wonder…is he right brained or left brained? I would tend to think he’s left brained except for the annoying habit of not researching before he does things like chop off our lovely pear tree!

I make lists, too. Sometimes. They are difficult for me unless they are simple grocery lists. I make them so I don’t forget to buy milk because I get distracted looking at all the items as I stroll up and down the aisles and come up with ideas for new recipes to try.

I would love to be able to write out the scenes for my books, write a detailed synopsis, or use one of the great outline techniques I’ve learned. Talk about painful! I just can’t seem to do it. My comfort zone is grabbing an idea and just writing. Sometimes I run into a snag and I ad lib to fix it.

I think I’m right brained…but then there is that annoying habit of researching what should be done BEFORE chopping on a pear tree.

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