So, Every Year I'm an April Fool

Does anyone else have a spouse like mine who plots the perfect time of day to pull an April Fool’s joke each and every April 1st?

I can never think of anything to retaliate or to get him first! Every year I tell myself I’ll be ready. This time he won’t get me. Ha!!

So, Sunday went along smooth and quiet. I thought he had forgotten. I relaxed my guard. Bad mistake.

We were getting ready to head out the door on Sunday evening when hubby makes a calm statement that the wheel is loose on his oxygen caddy.

Hubby: “The wheel is loose.”

Me: (thinking) I guess I’ll have to call the oxygen company tomorrow and have them bring out a new one.

I walk closer.


Hubby: “Yeah. It came off. I had to push it on, but it’s loose.”

Me: As I bend down to check it…

Hubby: “April Fool!”

Gah!!!!! Caught again.

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