Instructions are for Women Only

I was reminded once again of the difference in the way the male brain operates as opposed to the woman’s brain when hubby and I purchased a new weed and edge trimmer yesterday.

Hubby could not wait to get his hands on the new tool, but I had to help him remove all the pieces and parts from the box. Immediately he began turning things and then complaining that the trimmer portion was facing the wrong way. Um, yeah, YOU turned it while you were playing with it.

I asked him to hand me the instructions. I opened the book and then showed him how the “lock” “unlock” codes worked to allow the instrument to be turned as a weed whacker or an edger. To which he replied, “Yeah, that’s right.”

I pick up one of the parts which has an instruction tag on the handle and proceed to remove it.

Then he said: “Wonder what holds that to the handle?”

“Wait just a minute,” I said. “Let me get this instruction tag off and we’ll see how it works.”

Hubby: “Oh, so suddenly I don’t know how to put things together?”

Me: I hand him all the pieces and parts and say, “Have at it.”

Men do not need instructions. They can handle anything by jiggling and playing around with it until they get it right, break it, or get frustrated and ask for instructions.

I hope he puts his glasses on when he reads the instructions which obviously were printed for women who purchase the product.


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  1. I belong to a group called caring angels . We are making prayer shawels. I loved the looks of this one. It’s beauitful. Hope to make one like it.

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