Hubby's Fish Pond – The Teardown (Part 2)

Decision made to get rid of the deep side of the pond, I made arrangements for a family get-together. The event was known as “the pond filling.” My family has a lot of testosterone so I knew they could fill the wheelbarrow and dump it in the old pond much easier than I could. What I didn’t realize was all the “pre-work” would be a major workout for me!

First we had to ready the shallow side of the pond to receive the fish. I thought this would be an easy job. Ha! Hubby’s idea was that once we’d drained it, we’d put down tarps before filling it again. But the more he thought about it, he said it was probably a bad idea and would eventually lead to a leaky pond again. Not wanting to go through all this again, we decided to invest in a pond liner. We bought the thickest liner available.

With hubby’s condition, he couldn’t pull the heavy pots of plants from the pond. I never realized how heavy those things were! I grabbed and tugged, while hubby chopped at them with a hoe to break them up. We spent two days just getting those ugly eyesores removed. By then, I knew I didn’t want any water plants in the new pond!

We used our commercial wetvac to remove the horrid mucky water. I carried the heavy full cannister behind the privacy wall in the back yard to dump. Here’s what it looked like when we finished.

After removing water and sludge


In process of moving rocks

Before putting in the liner, we had to remove the flagstones around the edges. Another job hubby couldn’t do. I think this would be a good substitute for weight lifting in my exercise routine! Before putting in the liner, we also lined the inside of the pond with tarps to protect against any scraping on the cement which might cause damage. (When I lifted the rubber liner from the yard where I’d stretched it out to get flexible in the sun, I found a nice 10 ft. by 12 ft. brown area of dead burned grass.)

The liner

Arranging the liner

Hubby filling the pond with water

Now we had to carry and arrange the flagstones around the edge to hold the liner in place. Once that was done we waited for the pond water to be chlorine free before we could add the fish. But that’s another story for tomorrow. Fishing in the muck!

The first round of rock laying around the now filled pond

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