Conversations with the Cat

Today our cat, Templeton, was in the kitchen with hubby. Here’s what I heard from the living room:
“Templeton, no!”
“I said, No!”
“No, Templeton, no, no, no.”
“Do you want me to get the bottle?” (We discipline our cats by keeping a spray bottle with water. They hate getting squirted.)
“Meooooooow! Mrrr. Mrwwww.”
Then Templeton strolled into the living room, jumped on the sofa beside me and gave me a pitiful look followed by “Mrrrrrw.”
“Oh, did Daddy get mean with you?”
“Poor little guy.”
Head buts and purring.
He’s just like a little child. He plays one against the other!
But he is so cute and he has such a great personality!

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