Here Fishy, Fishy!!!

Before the family came for the official pond filling, we needed to catch the fish hiding in the nasty, murky water of the nearly drained pond.

The fish are hiding in here somewhere!

It really took several hours to catch the fish and transfer them into the new pond. I’m sure they went into shock at the water change.

It took about fifteen minutes to get these guys transferred. Only about 26 more to go!

Slowly the count in the new pond went up. What we had forgotten is that with so many fish in the new water with no good bacteria, they would be stressed and use up the oxygen quickly.

Most of the fish now in the new pond. And even caught two frogs (which have abandoned the new pond)

This all happened on Saturday after a full day with my writing group! The fish were not happy. And the following afternoon when the family arrived, the fish were all coming to the top of the water and struggling for oxygen.


The grandkids just enjoyed watching the fish while the men worked.

But that’s another story for tomorrow!

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