Garden Tour

This is such a beautiful day that I decided to take a walking tour of my gardens and record the progress. One of the semi-feral cats was peeking through the deck screen door when I headed out.

Fuzzy cat greeted me at the door

Our Mr. Lincoln rose bush has been practically smothered by the knock-out rose bush, but it valiantly finds a way to the sun. Looks orange here, but it's really a beautiful shade of red.

This used to be a strawberry planter, but last year hubby redid it taking out the top tier and now it has impatiens in the top and geraniums on the lower sides.

I transplanted this day lily last year and it's doing fantastic. I love the vivid colors.

Not sure if this is a Mr. Lincoln or not. It's planted at the corner of the fish pond. Beautiful flowers and they smell so great.

Not sure what kind of lily this is. It's the only one like it we have in our back lily garden. It blooms earlier than the others in a gorgeous shade of orange.

Another day lily I transplanted last year. Love the bright yellow, almost neon color.

The ornamental grass around the pond. I love it!

A different kind of ornamental grass. Love everything except cutting it back in the spring!

Boots, one of the semi-feral cats snoozing under the swing arbor. The clematis blooms are abundant this year.

Opposite the clematis we have a grapevine. The grapes are looking good this year. Hope the birds don't eat them before we salvage some.

The clematis on the front arbor are doing really well this year, too!

Cone flowers are beginning to bloom! We have quite a few of these in our front garden.

Yep, day lilies in the front garden, too.

Butterfly bush at the corner of our house!

The hostas are doing great this year.

My hanging basket is double impatiens this year. They look like miniature roses. It's hard to find something that requires shade, so I was delighted when I found this.

Hope you enjoyed a tour through my gardens. I owe all these beautiful plants to my wonderful hubby, who spent hours and hours working outside to create a lovely and peaceful view. And, thanks to his patience, I’ve been able to take over caring for them now that he’s not able. We can’t take credit for the beauty each bloom provides, for that is the work of God’s hands!


This was my first week back on the Weight Watchers plan. I did pretty¬†good at sticking to the points allotted and¬†exercised as well. I’m excited to announce that when I stepped on the scale this morning I lost three pounds. I wasn’t going to weigh in until a month had passed, but I needed the motivation of seeing some progress.

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