The Truth Revealed – About My Author Life

No, I’m not rich. I’m not a celebrity. You won’t find my book sitting in prominent view on your favorite bookstore shelf. You won’t find me being interviewed on any television talk show. You might see me in your local grocery store wearing old faded jeans and a t-shirt on a bad hair day. You might see me kneeling in church with my head bowed and my hands clasped in prayer or standing with my hands raised toward heaven and singing along with the praise band. You might catch a glimpse of me bending over to weed the flower gardens in my front yard or pushing the lawnmower while wearing a ball cap and stained tennis shoes. You might see me helping my hubby get his oxygen tank from the car in the parking lot of a local restaurant. You might see me with my hubby at the VA clinic.

I look just like most average American women. I’ll wave to thank you when you wait to let me out of my driveway, or when you pull aside because there isn’t room for two cars to pass. I’ll smile when I see you, even if I’ve never seen you before. If you’re fumbling to pay for your groceries, I’ll offer you the difference. I’ll hold the door for you if you’re behind me.

I’m just an average woman. I’m nobody special. God has given me a passion and a gift of writing words. So I use this gift to the best of my ability to tell stories of ordinary people who have problems and struggles. Ordinary people who doubt themselves and sometimes doubt God, but when they get out of the way and let God take control, their lives are blessed.

I live an ordinary life, with ordinary struggles, just as you do. Writing is not easy. I struggle with the words, with the characters, and with pulling it all together to tell a story that will touch the hearts of those who read my books. My greatest joy comes from hearing someone tell me they couldn’t put the book down and asking when the next book will be available.

Balancing being a writer with my everyday life is easy for me. Writing is for the time after all my chores are finished and my errands run. Time when my hubby is busy with something he loves. God and family come first, then I write. And when I write, I pray for God’s wisdom and guidance, so that the words will bring Him glory.

My life may not sound glamorous as many picture an author’s life to be; but my life is wonderful, happy, and filled with too many blessings to count. Instead of lying on a couch and eating bonbons, I sit on the sofa and eat an orange while laughing with my hubby as we watch old reruns of “Everybody Loves Raymond.” Life is good.

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