Ah, the book? Yes, I did plan for it to be out the end of June 2012…which has now passed. Your question deserves an answer and an explanation.

The writing process for me is getting to know my characters…the ones who whisper to me at inappropriate times. They live in my head and I have no control over them. Three times I’ve attempted to tell their story only to be treated to a “silent treatment.” You know the kind…where you get upset with your spouse and clam up rather than say something you’ll regret. Maybe you don’t do this, but unfortunately, I do, but I’m working on it…really.

So what happened was when I reached the critical point of moving on into the story, my characters clammed up. For a while. Then I clearly heard, “You’re telling it wrong! That’s not what happened!” Sigh.

Back to the plotting notebook. Yes, I’m still working on the story, but as long as I’ve heard my characters correctly, this time through will be successful.

When will the book be out? Honestly, I don’t know. But I am working on it…really.

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