It's the Heart that Matters

Me, My brother, Mom

Sunday, July 15, was Biker Sunday at our church. We were blessed by Crossover Motorcycle Ministries, a group of Christian bikers who travel on their bikes to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. They shared music, touching tributes, and a wonderful sermon.

I remember when we first attended our church, we went to a contemporary service in the summer, and my husband, dressed in his suit and tie, couldn’t believe people would come to church in shorts. We were brought up to believe you put on your best clothes when you went to worship. But God doesn’t look at our clothes. He looks at our hearts.

Seeing the Christian bikers in our church, some might have thought they looked out of place. But God only saw them as His beautiful creation. Our pastor reminded us that we need to look through God’s eyes when we see others and not judge them by appearance.

My brother is a biker. He has one of the biggest hearts of anyone I’ve ever known. I never thought that people might look at him differently when he’s dressed in his leather and traveling the road on his bike. I suppose some do.

Just as some look at my husband with his oxygen tank and hose in his nose. One day we were shopping in a local store and a boy asked his mother what was wrong with that man. She tried to hush him and move him past, but I spoke up and explained about the oxygen and how it helped him to stay alive. I answered his questions, telling him that my husband had once smoked cigarettes and that had contributed to his disease. The boy’s curiosity was satisfied and the mother gave me a grateful smile.

How do you look at others? Do you judge on appearance? Have others judged you or one of your loved ones based on appearance?

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