Extra Cheesy Goldfish and Chocolate Chip Cookies

Extra cheesy goldfish and chocolate chip cookiesThere’s something magical about being with children. When preparing to have my youngest grandchildren, aged nine, seven and six, I trolled the grocery store aisles for things they’d like to eat. Chocolate chip cookies, of course. Kids love cookies. Then I spied some cute cheese crackers shaped like goldfish and chose the extra cheesy kind. Both made a big hit with the kids. Now when they come over and I ask what they want for lunch, the first response is “Extra cheesy goldfish and cookies!” LOL!

My grandkids love being tickled, scaring me, playing at the park, and eating on our screened in deck. They are so easily entertained. They exude imagination, creativity, love, and compassion. If only I could capture that and fill my spirit with their enthusiasm for life.

Daily tasks are daunting. Deadlines imposing. Interruptions frustrating. So easy to get caught up in the “to-do’s” of life and forget about approaching each day with a smile and excitement. No one day is like the next…not really. Not unless we allow that to happen. Each new day is like a kid’s meal with a toy inside waiting to be opened. If we only allow ourselves to experience the anticipation and joy.

Maybe today I’ll take a walk in the park and talk to God. Feel the sun on my face, breathe in the fresh air…listen to the cicadas. Take time to enjoy.

And then I’ll come home and have a sandwich…and some cheesy goldfish and chocolate cookies!

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