Deleting Spam

When I logged in to blog this morning, I deleted 51 comments from my spam folder. Just one click of the button and they were gone.

I’m bombarded with spam every day. It comes in email, snail mail, through television, radio,…spam, spam everywhere! It’s impossible to live in a spamless world.

Have you ever tried to read a book and your mind wandered to another topic? Or have you tuned out a person who is talking to you while your thoughts drift to something else? What about in church? Do you ever tune out the message? Ever consider that when these things happen you’re being bombarded with spam?

Spam is like a virus that invades our personal space! We can toss the “junk” mail, delete the email, walk away from the television or change the station on the tv or radio…but how do we get rid of the other spam?

I’d like a sensor that warns me: “Spam Alert!!!” And I’d like a “delete” button. A discreet one, of course.

~~Wishing you a spam-free and blessed day!

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