Love is Not a Noun

Being an author, I must be aware that “write” is a “verb.” It’s an action word that requires me to put my hands on the keyboard and weave words into an entertaining plot while creating a message of hope and inspiration to those who read my books.

Love is a verb, too. It’s not just a word I speak to others, not just a word I write. To really love takes an action on my part.

It’s what being a follower of Jesus means. Loving others without thinking of rewards. Loving unconditionally.

My reward is the warm feeling of overflowing joy reminding me the Spirit lives in me.

Prayer: Dear Lord, let me go through the day remembering that love is an action word. Let me be a blessing to others in my words and actions. Let me spread the love in my heart. Amen.

How can you turn love into a verb today?


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