Laughing with God

I’ve been plagued with allergies really bad this year, so I dug out my Neti-Pot. You all know what that is, right?

It’s this cute little magic lantern looking plastic thing-a-ma-bob…mine is blue…that you fill with distilled water and a small packet of saline crystals. Wonderful way to help clear the nose when you have allergies, a cold or other sinus related ailments.

I carried my hot tea with me to the sink where I planned to do the treatment, sitting it beside the Neti-Pot.

I hear you laughing. You know what I was about to do, don’t you? Yeah, you’re right.

I opened the saline packet and just as I was about to dump it in my TEA, Jesus said, “Stop!”

I listened, believe me. And then I laughed. My tea would have been a new and interesting blend and not so tasty had I dumped that into my cup.

Since it comes natural for me to God throughout my day, I said, “Thank you! That would have been a disaster. I hear you laughing!”

Isn’t it wonderful that God has a sense of humor, too? He laughs with us not at us. I’m always thanking Him for the little things throughout the day. How about you?

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