Ah, Those Long-Ago Road Trips

My youngest daughter loves to sing. I remember when she was a teenager and we’d take road trips together. We preplanned which music tapes we’d take along. We knew the words of most every song on those old country tapes. We sang along to all of them and boy how fast the time flew. Didn’t matter that I wasn’t blessed with a good singing voice, because with the windows rolled down, the wind drowned my off key notes.

Laughter, music, and the tires humming on the highway. I miss the road trips. And I even miss belting all those old country tunes at the top of our voices. I don’t listen to music as much as I once did. Maybe it’s the lack of road trips. But I still love music. I watch The Voice because I love how the judges choose people based only on the quality of their voices. I’m amazed at how talented these people are.

As my daughter has grown and matured, so has her voice and her love of music. Recently I asked her to sing Amazing Grace and add it to her You Tube channel. She’s great at singing country songs, but I wanted to hear her belt an old hymn.

Two hours later, she’d uploaded this for me. I listen to it nearly every day. Hope you enjoy it and are blessed by it, too. (Sorry this video has been deleted now)

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