The Burning Inferno

Today is my dear husband’s birthday! This is the 33rd birthday we’ve celebrated as a married couple.

Looking back there are so many fun memories of birthdays past. One of my favorites is the time the kids and I had a big sheet cake made to look like a football field including a plastic football. We put all the candles on the cake…quite a few…and lit them, but they kept going out when we tried to carry it out to the kitchen. We’d head back, light the ones that went out and baby stepped with the burning inferno singing “Happy Birthday” only to have the plastic football catch on fire and melt into the icing!!

This year we’ll celebrate as we have since the kids moved out and started their own families…by eating dinner together at one of our favorite restaurants.

My husband is the love of my life. He’s been a wonderful father, a loving husband, and one of the hardest workers I’ve ever known. He’s honest, loyal, and my very best friend. I thank God every day for bringing us together.

My blog is titled “Love is a Verb.” I’ve learned through the many birthdays we have shared together that we live that phrase. Happy birthday, sweetheart!

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