The Beggar

Fuzzy the "beggar"

Meet Fuzzy. This little girl loves attention. She is one of the oldest of our feral population, and is one of the tamest.

She is the first cat who warmed up to hubby when he first began caring for the felines abandoned by our neighbor, and he is the one who named her. She likes to play with my hoop earrings when I bend close to pet her and she purrs easily.

I’ve recently nicknamed her the beggar. We often visit with a neighbor on their front deck, and Fuzzy always tags along. These people are cat lovers and they started to leave food out for a male who was roaming the streets. Fuzzy began stealing the offering on a daily basis and they laughed. She liked the fact that our neighbors spent most good weather days sitting outside. She loves attention!

They felt sorry for her and began buying special cat milk and treating her with canned cat food. So our little beggar, began staying at their house. Well, mostly anyway. Every morning she comes home to partake of breakfast with the rest of our colony. Then she goes back across the street to beg. In the late afternoon she jumps on our back deck railing where she can peek in the kitchen window and see what we’re up to…and she knows we’ll bring her out some special treat.

We feed our feral cats Meow Mix with the tender centers and keep a tub of fresh water available, too. Now that the weather is getting cooler, they will begin to sleep in the shelter under the deck. It’s important if you are caring for feral cats that you provide lots of fresh water and a warm place where they can take refuge from the weather. And most of all, please contact some organization to get help with spaying/neutering. This is so important. Concerned citizens with caring hearts can help minimize the population of feral cats.

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