Buffy Meets Templeton

Last week I introduced you to Buffy, the newest addition to our feral colony. Since he’s moved in, he’s claiming his stake on me by attaching himself to my legs. When I go outside, he’s like a dog who heels, keeping step tightly with my right leg. If I stop he rubs around my legs and walks between them, or rolls over for a tummy rub. In all the years, I’ve cared for feral cats, he’s the quickest to make up with me, although he’s still afraid of other people. I wonder if he belonged to someone who abandoned him. Sometimes I wish these cats could talk and tell me their stories…or maybe not. How they deal with rejection and pain and still maintain the capacity to love is something only God knows. I’d love to bring him into our house, but we have to feed prescription food to our cats and I really can’t afford to add him to our indoor clan. Sure wish I could find a good home for him.

I captured this adorable video of my cat Templeton and Buffy making friends through the storm door. Too cute not to share. When you click the link, it might take a few minutes to load in your media previewer, so please be patient. The clip is only a few seconds long though. Enjoy!


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