The Mad Dash…in Cute PJ's

With the blast of winter brought in by “Sandy,” a doctor’s visit, and Bible study, yesterday kind of went by in a blur. So much so that trash pickup day was forgotten. Well, until I heard the truck on our street just a few minutes ago.

Still dressed in my blue pj’s with adorable white sheep, there was no time to change into something appropriate. Tossing on a jean jacket, feet clad in snuggly slippers, I raced out the door to maneuver the trash can to the street. The truck was getting closer! Didn’t realize how fast feet could move through wet grass and leaves with pajama bottoms dragging and water seeping into slippers.

Rattle, rattle, slap, slap…dashing as if to take a gold medal, I made it to the curb just as the truck pulled up to get my next door neighbor’s trash.

And there they stood, both neighbors dressed in regular clothes. What could I do?

Pretending I was dressed normally, too, I asked, “Did you forget, too?”

They laughed. “Yes!”

The trash truck driver, a lady, waved and smiled as the metal claws grabbed my can lifting it. What could I do, but laugh and wave back. After the truck moved, I noticed our neighbor across the street hurrying out with his trash can, but he, too, was dressed in street clothes.

See the neighbors usually wait until I take our can out…I’m the “reminder.” Whoops.

Fooled everyone today, even me!

But I did look cute in my PJ’s. I think I’ll buy another set just like these.

Thank you, God, for giving me a sense of humor. I’m sure He was laughing, too!

Oh, and Happy Halloween birthday to me!

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